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Wallpaper seems cool in theory, until you have to remove it that is. How many times have you been watching your favorite HGTV show and been inspired to plaster your walls in a fun print? We’ve all been there, but it’s the labor-intensive application (and Elizabeth Rees, the founder of the wildly popular removable wallpaper company Chasing Paper stopped by the PEOPLE studios to share two easy DIYs live on Facebook. Her line of temporary papers is a great solution for renters (or wallpaper-phobes Interior designer Colette Clark was decorating old Victorian homes with luxurious patterned fabrics and ornate wallpaper meant to last for decades, but she was moving almost annually – from the Grand Lake district in Oakland to South Berkeley to San I just found out that a small social meeting/get together will be held at my place next month. I’d like to get my place ready for this event. I don’t like wallpaper, so my kitchen has some of the wallpaper taken off and most is still on. I don’t have We’ve all been there: You want to finally make your apartment feel like home, but your landlord is so not cool with an eggplant-hued bedroom or a foyer revamped with turquoise stripes. Turns out, you can totally get your Domino/Pinterest/HGTV fix without While Wall Street celebrates, some U.S. investors were disappointed The SEC plans to seek public comment on the impact of the new EU rules. The temporary relief will give agency staff time to monitor how businesses practices around research are .

Apartment dwellers and design commitment-phobes rejoice; there is a solution to your decorating woes. Temporary wallpaper, which is easily applied by peeling and sticking, offers color and pattern to mix then nix, if the mood (or the landlord) strikes. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS – In preparation for Friday night’s storm, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has installed a temporary flood wall. The wall was installed around the Beaver Dam Powerhouse and switch yard. The Corps of Engineers said they installed the Get GB Points! Be the FIRST to Write a Review! Get GB Points! Be the FIRST to Write a Review! Get GB Points! Be the FIRST to Write a Review! After confirming your payment, we usually ship products out within 24 business hours. However, sometimes due to .

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