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A GREAT EDITOR AND A BRAVE AND HONEST MAN, WHO STUCK TO THE WRITER OF THIS BOOK THROUGH TIMES OF BITTER HOPELESSNESS AND DOUBT AND WOULD NOT LET HIM GIVE IN TO HIS OWN DESPAIR, A WORK TO BE KNOWN AS “OF TIME AND THE RIVER” IS DEDICATED WITH THE HOPE THAT 2015 Event – Water pollution in Rio de Janeiro may pose health hazards to participants in the Summer 2016 Olympics; the World Health Organization has asked the International Olympic Committee to expand its list of tested substances to protect the athletes The National Trust for Historic Preservation yesterday named Portland’s Veterans Memorial Coliseum its newest National Treasure “This designation is great news for both preservationists who love the history and architecture of the building The Design Files Open House officially opened today in Melbourne There’s so many fab and colourful things in that house. So much to love. Next year I’m there! .

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