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Bare wall? Ugly fence? Hot house in summer that needs shading? Climbing plants solve all these issues, transforming your problem into a lush cascade of green that can provide months of colour and fragrance. The best climbers need to suit your purpose Good fences are said to make good neighbors; unfortunately, some neighbors do not always respect the boundaries of a fence. Children and teenagers may be tempted to climb over fences, and homeowners may respond by making the fence less welcoming. Climbers are a versatile group of plants – use climbing plants to cover fences, walls, trellis, arches or obelisks! You can also train certain shrubs as ‘wall shrubs’ for the same effect. Climbers are great for screening unsightly areas of the garden Even if you don’t want a climbing plant against your main building, planting one so that it gives a new look to a trellis or a boundary fence is an equally good idea. The principle idea, with all manner of climbing plants, is that they will soften the Every garden needs a few climbing plants or wall shrubs. They add height and privacy, and can be trained to grow on a fence, trellis or wall, as well as through other plants. Discover 10 climbers to grow. When you plant a climber, don’t just assume it will Fences are great. They provide privacy, security and protection. Unfortunately, few people say, “Oh, what a lovely fence.” Climbing plants can enhance the view. Whether planted to grow on the fence or on a trellis a few feet in front of it, plants like .

How many times have you wanted a nice vine plant to grow up and along your fence, pergola and arbors? I know I have but I never can think of any good plants that thrive doing this. I found a really informative and picture filled article which goes over 19 Now, however, the mandevilla is climbing and blooming high in our tulip and a third covers a not-too-lovely wire fence. We inherited ours. Trumpet vine is not a plant most people would want in their gardens. Certainly it’s not for low-maintenance When purchasing or building a support, be familiar with how the plant climbs. Climbing plants climb in particular ways, she explains. Some wrap, some adhere, and some curl. For example, morning glories and clematis twine. Peas use tendrils to climb. If you want true privacy, choose a fence with little to no space between boards. A closely spaced lattice can be nearly as private as a solid material when combined with the lush foliage of climbing plants. The height willdepend on the slope of your yard .

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