Vastu Tips For Bathroom And Toilet In Hindi

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According to vastu, toilets and bathrooms should be in south-west corner or in south west direction of the apartment. Since, the wind flows from north-east to south-west direction and if a toilet is placed in the north-east direction then the wind will Vastu tips for wealth helps you to keep your finances flowing smoothly Make sure that the taps in your bathroom or kitchen do not drip. The constant dripping creates negative energy. Dripping taps signify leaking wealth. Blocked plumbing specifies It should not be near kitchen and under the stairs. They provide comfort in working at the house.Vastu Tips for Bathroom and Toilet It should not be located in east. north or northeast direction. The mirror should be on northern or eastern wall. Here are some tips from a Vastu and Feng Shui expert for a life full of harmony But a breadwinner must never sleep in the North-East . – Bathrooms and toilets have the energy of ‘hell’ which are best in West or South. But should never be in North MANILA, Philippines – Keeping toilets clean can save millions of lives. And we have Toileight Tips for you. The potty got the thus leading to stunting in children. Launched at the World Toilet Day celebration was a new partnership between Unilever As mystifying as they may seem, following a few simple but effective Vaastu remedies and tips can go a long way in The kitchen and toilet should not share a common wall. Both these vastu defects have a direct bearing on the health of the occupants. .

There are various misconceptions about Vastu and almost everybody seems to have an opinion about it, so to simplify it and easy, I’m going to mention few tips that will help Keep the bathroom/toilet door always closed after use. Here are some suitable Vastu tips and advice for your pooja room The pooja room should not touch the same wall as the toilet. > The pooja room should not be built opposite a bathroom or toilet. > The pooja room should be neat and clean. Things To Keep In Mind: As per vastu for bathroom, one must always bathe in the north or east side.The clothes that need to be washed, must be kept in the north-western corner.Toilet must never be built in the northeast or eastern corner.According to Vastu The pipes of the toilet and bathroom should have its outlet in the west or the north-west area. The pipes of the kitchen, on the other hand, should be diverted to the east or north direction. Do not have the pipes in the south direction at any cost. .

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