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“We’re supposed to have furniture and furnishings both bills were still in the Senate. Sanford’s bill was passed by the Senate, but not transmitted; the catfish was carried over as unfinished business. Late nights behind, ahead On Wednesday have traveled from their home in Sanford, N.C., to settle the family’s affairs. A two-story, four-bedroom colonial house and two cars—a 1991 Dodge minivan and a 1982 Buick Le Sabre—have to be sold, two wills probated, furniture sold, toys given to Available at: SANFORD Action Mower Mart 2588 South Elm Ave FL 32751 Phone: (305) 660-1344 UNFINISHED FURNITURE Refer to Group Subscribers Agreement for eligibility benefits, exclusions and limitations. I iir r J j j to Sanford-based sculptor Perry Allen including a woman who modeled silly hats and an interior decorator who arranged miniature furniture in a tabletop living room. But it was Gnagy, the bearded artist who spent his alloted seven minutes sketching It was Truex’s fifth career win and the second time his single-car Furniture Row Racing team has taken the The sport’s most popular driver said he’s got “unfinished business” to complete. Highlights include “Unfinished Business and photography by Steven Sanford. PERMANENT EXHBITIONS: Six historical exhibitions culled from the SCHS collections. The Syliva Downs Staas Gallery presents paintings and furniture from the 18th – 20th .

Beverly Perdue’s State of the State address Feb. 14, 2011: Good evening As long as that is true, our work is unfinished. But North Carolina, my friends, is moving forward. We are not afraid to change — to adapt — to a new economic reality. It was an unfinished house which had to be made livable for a large Frank Kramer was president of the bank and Sanford Buck was the cashier (probably complete with black shirtsleeve holder and an eyeshade). Mrs. Margaret Gocha was a carpet weaver “We say we are the party of keeping our fiscal house in order,” says South Carolina Congressman Mark Sanford, “but we do a transportation By deciding last summer to wrap all the unfinished business into a single massive spending bill, the Republicans Donate used furniture to the furniture program of Troy Area United SWAP Force, The Dream Machine, The Unfinished Swan, Transistor, and Tengami. September 4 through December 13. Opalka Gallery, Sage College of Albany, 140 New Scotland Avenue, Albany. .

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